What’s your focus?

I just found the strangest thing stuck in the back of a drawer: a “personal mission statement” I’d written in 2001.

It says, “Bring women together to have fun, get stronger and embrace their power.” This was way back when I worked in the field of domestic violence advocacy — and had also just opened my first fitness studio and was teaching 20 exercise classes every week. (I was younger and crazier.)

What we focus on is what we make happen!

Thanks for embracing your power, getting stronger and having fun with me,Kris Johnson, Misty Macagba Corne, Carole Dillon Straathof, Helen Ovenelll,Colette Stewart, Becki Hooverr, Debbie Temple, Melissa Fann McAdam,Brenda Blanchette, Rohanna Mercer, Megan Kost, Melissa Hockettt, Kathleen Hurn, Kathy Howelll, Elise Hemenway, Darlene Olmstead, Marie, (and others) at our Country Heat Kickoff this week at Encore Fitness.