Surround yourself with fun people

Did you know? We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. Think about it — if you’re surrounded by friends and family members who tend to be negative, pessimistic and unhappy, that rubs off on you. I’m not suggesting we have to remove those people from our life, but maybe we should limit our time with them, and choose to surround ourselves with fun people who are optimistic, happy and upbeat.

I’ve noticed that the happiest people are those who:
• Don’t take themselves too seriously
• Are grateful for their life
• Value their health
• Enjoy physical activity
• Tend to look on the bright side

I’m fortunate to have found a lot of those kind of people working out at Encore Fitness. It’s hard to be “down in the mouth” when you’re shaking your hips to some wild Zumba song, or working out hard with weights.

If you want to meet some great, fun people, and if you’re lucky enough to live near Concrete, please feel free to drop into any of our Encore Fitness workouts.

Someone said the other day, “But where are you located?! I didn’t see any signs!” That’s funny, I’ve never really thought about that. I guess most local people know we’re at the historic Concrete Theatre, 45920 Main Street.  See the theatre website.

We have workouts throughout the week, please check the schedule. Each month I create a new rotation of classes, focusing on cardio, strength and dance-flavored styles.

Need more details? I’d be happy to talk with you. Call or text: (360) 466-8754.
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