March 2019 Group Ex Classes

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Group workouts are at the Concrete Theatre: 45920 Main Street, Concrete Washington. Each class is $5 each. You’re welcome to pay by the week, month, or one at a time. Your first workout is free. Workouts are 45 minutes long and can be modified to suit any fitness level. All equipment is provided. Please bring water.

Group Workouts with Drama

We like to take advantage of our unique workout space to add some drama to your life! You won’t find the typical gym environment here (because after all, we’re inside the historic Concrete Theatre!). No white sterile walls like in a medical office; no mirrors to distract or disturb us; no bright lights that make you feel like you’re on display.

The lighting is subdued, our leaders are on the stage so you can easily follow the workout, and you have the option of sitting down in a theatre seat if you need to rest (sorry, no popcorn!).

Despite the drama, though, you’ll get a great workout that focuses on strength, power and cardiovascular endurance. And you’ll get the best results: with consistency, you’ll become healthier, leaner and more confident. 

Workout Descriptions
Fun, Fast, Friendly Group Workouts
Workouts can be adapted to any fitness level – don’t let fear stop you in your tracks! Each of us has our own limitations and our own strengths. Let’s work together to be as  powerful and healthy as we can.  Your first class is free. Contact me if you have any questions or need more details at any time.

Classes Descriptions
(Refer to monthly schedule)

Advanced Cross Training: A challenging total body workout for those with exercise experience. See Valerie for details about small group training and personalized coaching. “ACT” class size is limited.

Fitness Fusion: A fast-paced mash-up of weight-training, dancing, kickboxing, step and more. Every time it’s a different workout, no boredom allowed!

Cardio Pump: Combos of high and low cardio for calorie-burning, including kickboxing, dance-based and step. Intervals of muscle building using your body weight or dumbbells, Body Bars, Lebert Equalizers, and other equipment.

PiYo LIVE: Low-impact moves inspired by Pilates and yoga that increase your strength and flexibility. You may have seen these workouts on Beachbody on Demand, now you can see it live on our stage, led by certified PiYo Live instructors. It’s an amazing workout.

Pump Plus: Build stronger muscles, burn body fat with body weight exercises and by using dumbbells and Body Bars. For your cardio pleasure, we add one or two short bursts of cardio (Tabata Training).

Step Intervals: Timed intervals of step training and weight-training for an all-over transformation. See Beachbody on Demand for Shaun T’s Transform: 20 — our Encore Fitness workouts will be using the best of those moves! Low impact fitness training – easy to follow routines.

N E W!    Workout for Weight Loss
This once-a-week workout is designed for maximum, non-stop calorie-burning. Rev up your metabolism with 30 minutes of cardio intervals and 30 minutes of fast-paced weight-training using light to medium bars and dumbbells. Choose low or high impact, modify as needed, just keep moving for best results.

Zumba: A dance party featuring Latin, pop, oldies and other music styles. Don’t say “I’m not a dancer,” because that doesn’t matter. All you need to do is just move and have fun! Followed by Encore Core training for stronger abs and back.

Fitness Every Day – Online!
Staying connected keeps our fitness moving forward and surrounding ourselves with others who care about being healthy will keep us all on track.

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To join a group, please get in touch so I can help you get started. You can send me a Facebook message, or call or text me at (360) 466-8754. You can also send an email to:

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