Purple Is Not An Old Color

I’ve always loved purple. I’m not one of those, “When I am old, I shall wear purple” kind of people. If my mother were here, she could tell you about a purple dress from Sears and Roebuck that I wore so many times in the second grade she finally had to throw it out.

It doesn’t matter to me that it’s the color of royalty, although I do like that it’s associated with nobility, power, and ambition!
I don’t believe it means I “hate responsibility,” as one website claims, but I agree it’s a sign of being a free spirit.

Loving purple has its downside: Given the choice, I’ll always buy the purple shirt that’s too big instead of the pink one that fits better. And if I get bored with my hair, I’ll turn it purple.

But it’s not an age thing. It’s a state of mind — I’m okay with that.