No more boring meetings

If I wasn’t a fitness coach, I’d most likely be sitting in a boring meeting right now, listening to someone go on and on about something that isn’t my passion.

Instead, I’m working online, in the peace and quiet of my home, connecting with people who want to change their life, not waste it.

Does online coaching work? Yes.
Can anyone do it? Yes.
Is it easy to get started? You bet!

I love fitness and the way it’s changed my life. I went from being shy and awkward to someone that others look up to, just because I was crazy enough to start working out. Exercise gives you strength – mental as well as physical. It makes you stand up taller and feel confident in your own skin. It’s funny — some people think it’s great because of the weight you can lose. I happen to think it’s amazing for what you gain.

My passion has become sharing that message with other women, hoping to inspire them to start a more active, fulfilling lifestyle. I can offer them support and encouragement, and make recommendations for fitness and nutrition solutions.

I partnered with Beachbody several years ago, because I realized I can only reach a small number of people in my zip code with my message. I want to help women everywhere, not just in my home town. Being a Beachbody coach allows me to recommend the highest quality fitness and nutrition programs. I get a ton of support from other coaches and from the company. And I share that support and those resources online with my clients. Win. Win. Win.

No more boring meetings for me. I’ve turned my life into something much more meaningful and rewarding. You can, too. I’d be happy to help you.