Motivated to Move

I hate to lose a contest, don’t you? That’s why I usually always jump into the latest FitBit challenge with my friends. When I see I’m losing, it makes me more motivated to move.

Don’t get me wrong, I exercise almost every single day. But there’s a difference between a 30 minute workout and consistently moving my legs throughout the day. One is great for cardio endurance, the other is good for my heart and brain. I need both!

In this new day and age where so many of our normal movements have been replaced by technology or automation (think email versus going to the post office or mailbox; blenders versus hand-mixing; drive-up or digital tellers versus going to the bank) we need to be conscious of our daily activity level.

Are you getting 10,000 steps every day? I guarantee you’ll feel better, sleep better and get more done when your brain gets more oxygen and your leg muscles get stronger. Try it!