How to Save Money on Shakeology

How to Save Money on Shakeology

If you love Shakeology as much as I do, you probably plan to use the product every day for the foreseeable future. And why not?  It’s helped a lot of us with our junk food cravings, the lack of nutrients in our diets (causing more cravings and fatigue), the inability to meet our protein requirements, and the need for something sweet but healthy.

Yes, I know. It’s not a cheap product. The ingredients are carefully chosen, prepared and packaged for optimal results.  A great deal of research and development have gone into it — and Beachbody continues to invest heavily into Shakeology to make sure we have the best product on the market.

Just like choosing a restaurant, we all know if we want cheap food we have that option – all over the place! You can get a genetically modified hamburger on a bun that’s been stripped of all nutrients and topped with a genetically modified tomato. (yum?)  But if we want a premium meal, that satisfies our appetite, nourishes our body and fuels our healthy lifestyle, it’s going to cost more.

But what if you’re on a budget?

First, remember that Shakeology isn’t an added grocery item, it actually becomes part of your normal food purchases. That’s because it replaces one meal a day – and it’s hard to find a more nutritious meal for under $5.

Some people find they save money on their entire grocery bill, because once they start eating healthier, they no longer buy chips, soda and candy.

While the retail cost of Shakeology is about $4.30 per meal (well-worth it in my opinion) but there is also a discount available.

Save Money on Shakeology

The company provides a wholesale option for those of us who enroll as a Coach in Team Beachbody. You get a 25% discount not only on Shakeology, but any Beachbody product, including all the fitness programs, sports nutrition products, exercise equipment, apparel, skincare and more.

How to Become a Coach

It’s simple. New Coaches pay a one-time $39.95 enrollment fee, and a monthly service fee of $17 (sort of like the membership fee you pay to be a Costco shopper). The service fee gives you access to a plethora of health and fitness information, including meal plans, personal development tools and a wide variety of other resources.

Have no fear! You can cancel your Coach account (and your Shakeology order) at any time without penalty or fees.

As a Coach, you also have access to free training and your own customized websites to help you start a coaching business, if you ever want to. The business is fun, rewarding and adaptable to your lifestyle. Unlike direct marketing companies of the past (think Amway and Fuller Brush), Beachbody handles all customer service, shipping and delivery (no, you don’t end up with a garage full of products!).

If you’re interested in becoming a Coach, whether it’s just for the discount or because you’re interested in having your own fitness business, please get in touch. I’d be glad to give you all the details, tell you about the benefits (including the compensation plan), and help you decide if it’s the right decision for you.

Bottom Line

Shakeology is a wise investment in your health. To save money, opening a Coach account is a wise financial move.