Gotta Have Variety

I’m an early adopter of technology and fitness gadgets – you can usually bet I have the latest iphone or i-whatever. (hold on, my watch is talking to me)

When the first TRX system came out, I had to have it. Not ever really seeing one in action (why wait?), I envisioned swinging gracefully across my workout room, al a Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Little did I know this isn’t a bungee cord thing — it’s an industrial-strength strap that works with your body weight to give you a killer workout.

Why do I like having so much fitness equipment? I love exercising but can get bored quickly, especially if I’ve already done something more than a few times.

That’s why you’ll find all kinds of fitness DVD programs in my workout library, everything from TurboFire and P90X to Tabata Bootcamp and various yoga programs.

I think one of the secrets to long-term fitness is to mix it up — add some variety. I applaud anyone who says they’ve been running for 20 years, but come on, the same route every time?!

And I love it when I hear someone say they love dance fitness, but really? Is that the only form of exercise they’ll consider doing? What about those arms muscles that aren’t getting used much?

Our bodies weren’t made for repetitive motion (ask anyone with osteoarthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome), and our minds aren’t stimulated when we do the same things the same way, day in and day out.

So in my home workout room, which I’m happy to say is about three times the size of my kitchen (I’m not a cook), you’ll find all sorts of exercise odds and ends. Toys, gadgets, flash-in-the-pan fitness fads that I just “had to have!”

Like a long padded thing that sits on the floor and you walk across with bare feet to improve your balance! Or the various balls and bars and bands to use for resistance, in all colors, sizes and renditions.

I’m not saying you need all this by any means! What I’m suggesting is find some small portable fitness tools that keep you interested and keep working your muscles in a variety of ways. (need ideas? let me know)

Set up a little circuit: go from one exercise to another, spending 1 minute at each. Use some fun music but mix that up, too.

Life is just way too short to do the same thing all the time — build in some variety! Be your own version of Lara Croft.