Fitness Inside & Out

Some of us start a fitness program with only weight loss in mind, others realize that exercise can help you stay off certain medications and prolong your life. And others – myself included – turn to exercise for the way it makes us feel, in the moment and throughout our day.

What motivates you to workout? What benefits do you want? Do you rely on willpower to get started and stay with a fitness plan? Or have you made daily exercise a necessary and enjoyable part of life? The answers to those questions can sometimes predict how likely you are to stick with a program.

There’s more to fitness than what you see on the outside: sure, it can keep your weight under control and improve muscle tone. But it can also give you the energy, strength and balance you need for your other daily activities. What happens inside is every bit as important as the external changes.

And speaking of inside and outside … fitness happens everywhere! If you don’t have time to make it to our regular workouts at the Concrete Theatre, maybe we’ll see you at one of our Wednesday Walks. Each week a group gets together at a local state park (usually either Rasar or Rockport) for a free, informal walk of an hour or so. You determine how far, how fast and how long you walk. You’ll benefit from the group support and fun conversations.

Questions about Encore Fitness workouts or our Wednesday Walks? Get in touch!


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