Time for Spring Training

Ready to say goodbye to winter and those extra pounds and inches that may have come with it? Here’s the March schedule for Encore Fitness at the Concrete Theatre.

Please note the NEW workout on Monday nights. I’ve been working on a format that burns the HIGHEST number of calories using a nonstop cardio and weight training routine that can speed up your metabolism. It’s ready and you might be sorry. 

If you join us Monday night, you have to promise me you’ll KEEP MOVING the entire hour, that’s part of the reason this workout works.

Also note that the 4:30 classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays this month. I hope you’ll adjust your schedule accordingly and join us for Cardio Pump and PiYo… that’s a perfect combination, actually.

I apologize in advance if the new schedule changes leave some of you exercising on your own. Let me know if you need suggestions for home workouts, outdoor walk-runs, timed (Tabata-style) workouts or other kinds of fitness routines. There are LOTS of options available online, via free apps, or by audio-only programs. I use lots of them myself. (Here’s where I’ll remind you: NO EXCUSES! Just because there’s no class that fits your schedule on a certain day, that’s NOT a reason to  sit on the couch!)

The winter is behind us (I hope), so let’s get busy on our spring fitness. Make this the month you March FORWARD.

Questions about Encore Fitness? Get in touch!