Why we gain belly fat as we age

Are you sometimes frustrated with the way your clothes fit or discouraged that your stomach sticks out more than it used to?

Here’s why our bellies get bigger:

1. Stress often results in overeating and late-night eating, when we use food to unwind. It also causes us to not breathe deeply, which can lead to bloating. Ever notice at the end of a stressful day your belly pooches out more than it did in the morning?

2. Food choices add to bloating and belly fat, especially if we aren’t getting enough probiotics and digestive enzymes in our diet. And if you struggle with food cravings, you may be eating too much sugar, salt and fat — all those add to belly problems.

3. Hormones control every aspect of weight loss, including our appetites and body fat distribution. Our bodies are hard-wired to store excess fat in our belly, more so as we age.

4. Metabolism slows down as we age, as we lose muscle and gain body fat. Since we’re burning fewer calories, the excess goes to our middles.

Want to make some changes?

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