Gratitude Saves Our Sanity

Want to stay sane over the holiday season?
It’s been proven that gratitude can increase our sense of well-being and happiness. While it may take some practice to be grateful when it feels like the sky is falling, it really does work!

Studies have shown that gratitude can reduce stress and anxiety, improve intimate relationships, and even promote physical health.

A gratitude-filled approach to life has the potential to enhance your general health both this holiday season and all year long.

What is there to be grateful for?

Well, for starters, as you prepare to celebrate, be thankful:

  1. For family, even if certain relatives drive you absolutely batty.
  2. For the awareness that you are not responsible for the bad behavior of others, even if they are related to you!
  3. For those friends who love and support you no matter what.
  4. For the abundance of food — knowing that people are starving in every corner of the world, while our plates are often over-flowing every day.
  5. For the generosity of others who lead by example, whether by giving their time, money, or talent.
  6. For good health — the most important and valuable gift of all, the one that can’t be bought, wrapped, or returned.
  7. For the wisdom of parents and grandparents, both present and deceased. Be grateful that who you are today is a result of their guidance and struggles.
  8. For the knowledge that complete dinners are available for purchase at the grocery store should yours suddenly go up in smoke.
  9. For the realization that something will inevitably go wrong even under the best of circumstances, and that it is okay if it does.
  10. And lastly, be grateful that this day, dinner, or disaster will soon pass and you can get back to your real life soon!