Back from the Brink

I’m going to be brutally honest. There was a stretch of time in 2019 when it didn’t seem feasible or wise to keep our workouts going at Encore Fitness.

As many of you know, I have lots of other roles and responsibilities, outside of leading exerciswe classes. My husband and I own several businesses, we like to travel, we have a ranch with horses, mules and a variety of other critters, we have kids and grandkids, we manage all the tasks associated with running the Concrete Theatre, and I’m an Associate Faculty member at Skagit Valley College, teaching wellness and fitness.

That’s not unusual — a lot of you are also juggling lots of jobs and interests! And there’s only so much time and energy to go around, right?!

So in November, I invited my fitness friends and fans to get together over dinner and talk about the future of our classes. I’d intended to announce I was “retiring” from Encore Fitness, even though I knew that was up for discussion.

And the discussion went like this: Everyone recognized my desire to streamline my life and understood my frustration with low attendance at some of our workouts. We talked a lot about the last decade at Encore Fitness and how in the beginning, people complained of not having enough space — then more recently, how much empty space there was. Where was “so and so” and why do you think “that person” stopped working out, and what would it take to get “that cool woman” back, we all lamented.

It was beginning to feel somewhat pointless, as we took stock of the previous year and realized how few of us were regular members in our classes.

Then one young woman, fairly new to our circle, shared how much she hoped we’d continue with classes. She related how lost and lonely she’d felt before coming to Encore Fitness, being new to town and having just had a baby, and how much being part of our workout group had meant to her physical and mental health.

In my mind, that sealed the deal. I knew exactly what she meant. Group fitness isn’t as much about fitness, as it is about group.

Maybe you know what I mean? Maybe you’re having trouble getting motivated or spend too much time at home, or have tried exercising on your own, only to give up and quit.

Or maybe you feel the need to connect with like-minded women and experience some light-hearted conversation.

I started teaching fitness classes in 1983 and learned very quickly that while there is magic in the movements and music, the real magic happens in our minds.

Please consider joining us as we start our fitness classes again in 2020. If not for your own health and wellness, consider doing it for the rest of us! There’s POWER in numbers. There’s MAGIC in music, movement and mindful activity.

We hope to see you and sweat a little with you. Get in touch with me if you need help getting started or want to talk before coming to your first class.

Thanks for reading,