Aging Got You Down?

There’s so much doom and gloom about aging and what it does to our hormones, body composition, weight gain and overall health. For instance, we know that  menopause can increase our risk of heart disease. Take a look:

• The blood vessels and heart become stiff and less elastic. High blood pressure, or hypertension, puts added strain on the heart.

•  A drop in estrogen can lead to increased levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL), while “good” cholesterol (HDL) levels decrease or stay the same.

• Metabolism can slow with age, making us more prone to weight gain.

• After menopause, we become more resistant to insulin, leading to a higher risk of diabetes.

The good news is we are not helpless against these problems!  Yes, of course our bodies change as we age (especially after menopause) but that doesn’t mean we have to throw our hands in the air and declare,
“I guess I’m just going to be heavier, slower and more tired.”

Because I don’t believe it!

Aging just means we need to make some adjustments to our eating habits, exercise and mindset. NOT through starvation diets or grueling workouts or self-hypnosis (although I think that last thing is sort of fun!).

It takes small changes in our daily actions, including better nutrition and consistent physical activity.

Think about it. How do you want YOUR story to end?!

If you’re determined to stay fit, healthy and lean throughout your life, let’s get together and talk about ways to do that. I have several new online groups coming up that will help provide the support and motivation you need.

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