Get Fit for Spring Activities

When you live here in the Pacific Northwest and the sun peeks out for the first in what feels like a very long time, you’re tempted to get outside and get busy. Sometimes too busy — doing things are bodies are ready for yet!

For instance, if you’re someone who loves hiking, biking, gardening, and/or running 5ks, improving your functional fitness and cardio endurance should be at the top of your list right now. Before you jump in and do too much too soon.

One of the best ways to get stronger, learn about correct form or just simply break out of your comfort zone and have fun, is to join a group fitness class. All of our workouts are set to music, but that’s where the similarities sometimes end. Each class I teach has a different focus and you’ll experience different outcomes.

Please check April’s Schedule and read the descriptions of the workouts. Notice how they all complement one another? Some are more focused on cardio (ie., Zumba), while others are all about building muscular strength (Pump Plus). And others are a great combination of cardio and strengthening.

I often get asked: “Which should I focus on, cardio or strength?” The answer is both. Without one, the other won’t work. (The reason we can dance in Zumba classes for an hour is that our leg muscles are strong!)

In fact, you also need two other components: flexibility and balance. Where can you improve those? In PiYo, of course!

Questions about Encore Fitness workouts? Get in touch!