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Valerie Stafford

Try something new!

If you’re like me, you’re busy with several different roles in life, you’re sometimes overwhelmed and overbooked, and yet still excited about starting new projects and trying new things. Right?

Maybe it’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) or just a continual search to improve my life, but I’m always interested in learning about advances in technology, health strategies and science, especially related to brain health and longevity.

I love trying the latest productivity hacks, new foods, all the brand new, cutting-edge workouts, and new-to-market fitness tools and equipment.

I’ve even enjoyed scrapping my old website and rebuilding from scratch.

Sort of.

Anytime you have to learn new software it can be frustrating and time-consuming. Web design can make you crazy, trust me. But I’m determined to make this new site more user-friendly and helpful. As with all new things, this will start with tiny steps in the right direction.

Thanks for bearing with me.

If you need information, assistance or personal coaching, I’m right here – just a keystroke away. Let’s talk!

Can't or Won't?

Do you say “I can’t,” when you really mean, “I don’t want to?” So often we say we can’t do something, but it’s actually that we’re not ready, or we’re afraid, or we simply don’t care enough to try. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do — it’s YOUR choice — but instead of undermining your self-confidence by saying “I can’t,” be honest with yourself about the real reason.

Own your choices. Claim your power.

Healthy Fall Recipes

I love this time of year, with pumpkins and squash everywhere. If you need some tasty new recipes to add color and nutrition to your fall menu, try some Squash Soup, Pumpkin Risotta or Pumpkin Bars!