Free Zumba Classes in September

I know what it’s like – you haven’t exercised in awhile or you’ve never taken a group fitness class. You walk in, look around, and it seems like everyone knows exactly what to do except you.

Worst of all, at your first dance-based class, you feel like you suddenly have two left feet and are pretty sure you’re going to crash into someone.

No fear! In September we’re offering Zumba Gold workouts on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. Zumba Gold is designed to be more approachable, regardless of your fitness level. Experience with dance isn’t required, and the moves are broken down in a manageable way. The biggest difference between Zumba Gold® and other Zumba classes is that Zumba Gold is simpler and less intense.

And — in September all our Zumba Gold classes are FREE. Please tell your friends, bring one along.

Questions about Encore Fitness workouts or our Wednesday Walks? Get in touch!

Beginning September 3,  2019, here’s our schedule.